Book Categories

Important: This list comprises titles that we generally keep in stock, but may be briefly unavailable. The list is by no ways comprehensive, many other titles are available.

Prices: Due to the volatile exchange rate, prices vary and may not be as listed here.

Prices are subject to change at any time; however, we try to keep the prices as low as possible.

Orders: Orders are placed on average every quarter of the year or when there is a good size order to ensure best carriage prices. All orders are shipped surface mail as airmail will double the prices, but will be done on request . It is wise not to assume that books are on the shelf and be prepared to wait a while.

For a selection of BREED BOOKS, please select below.


Key to abbreviations:

NOG = New owners guide

P/L = Pet Love published by Interpet (UK) The same book but published for the American market is listed as Kennel Club. The only difference is the breed, standard the remaining contents are the same. The reason for keeping these in stock is that the price is a lot less and making the book good value for money. Should we not have the Pet Love range, these can be specially ordered for you.

KC = these will not be necessarily labeled but will often be the alternate to the P/L. Please do enquire if you specifically require.

P/L as the KC book range is the norm.

POM = Pet Owners Manual

POG = Pet Owners Guide

WOD = World of Dogs

BOB = Best of Breed